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Training at BIG

A message from Eric Scott @ E-Train

Dear Hockey Parent,

It is with great pride that we offer one of the state’s best off ice training program to the athletes of Bloomington Hockey. By now, almost all players have had a varied amount of exposure to our program over the past 18 months at BIG. In our brief time we have really started to see an amazing transformation in the players we work with. Our hats off to the kids (and parents and coaches) for putting their faith in us.

As the season winds down, goal setting for next year will begin to cross the minds of both players and parents. As most of you know, starting March 1st, we began offering off season group and individual programs to the kids of Bloomington. The programs vary, but it has been our experience that the kids that commit to a 7 week (21 session) program see the greatest results. We have a state of the art video analysis system that allows us to evaluate the form and skating mechanics, providing instant feedback to the athletes.

One of our teams participated in a test this past season and the results were fantastic (improved stride length, speed, and stamina) across the board. If your son or daughter is interested in one of our programs, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help your child (or children) reach their goals for next year. Our sessions begin immediately and run through August 15. Our hours are extremely flexible. Kids can form their own group of 6 or train on an individual basis.

See flyer providing more detail about our programs this off season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 952-835-4804 or

We look forward to working with your son or daughter.

Eric Scott & Staff