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Concessions at BIG

Concessions General Information Guide

Overview:  The concession stand operation at Bloomington Ice Garden ("BIG") is governed by the Bloomington Amateur Hockey Association (BAHA), with day to day operations run entirely by volunteer managers and workers from both the Kennedy and Jefferson Hockey Associations.  

Purpose(s): To provide the parents of ice hockey players in the Kennedy and Jefferson Hockey programs and Girls Programs an opportunity to earn credits towards their child’s team expense as charged by their team/association; to provide a better than vending machine snack and beverage service to our hockey community.
Guidelines:  This program is totally run by volunteers.  All registered hockey players, boys and girls, mites through High School, within either association, can receive the credit.  Workers include the player’s parents, adult siblings, step-parents, and grandparents.  Any person signing up for a shift, but does not show up for the shift, will be fined the potential credit for that shift, as well as not receiving the potential credit they could have earned. 
Training:  All new workers must successfully complete a four-hour training shift before they can sign up for any additional shifts.  No credits are given for the training shift.  Effective September 1, 2012, as an incentive to obtain new workers, you will be given credit for your training shift after the completion of five additional shifts.  Once you have completed training, you need to register for the BAHA website.  If you have already registered with the Jefferson, Kennedy or Girls website, you just need to log in the the BAHA site to complete the registration.  After you are registered, email Melissa Thurston so you can be added to the concession worker group which enables you to sign up for shifts.  Training is scheduled as needed.  Contact Melissa Thurston at  to set up training.
Shifts:  Shifts are normally 3 to 5 hours in duration.  The schedule is available on-line.  On the 1st of the month the schedule for the following month will be available.  Workers may sign up for one slot per player (NOT Worker) from the 1st to the 15th.  From the 16th to the 25th workers may sign up for one more slot per player (NOT Worker). That means that if you have one skater, you can only have one shift for the entire month until the 16th at which time you can sign up for a second shift.  On the 26th through the end of the month all unfilled slots in the following month are open.  You can not work two shifts in succession.  Workers may be assigned to either concession stand or other duties as necessary per management’s discretion, which includes leaving early.  Should you need to cancel your shift, you will need to find your own replacement if the shift is scheduled within one week.
Credits:  Each player will receive credit for the number of hours that were worked in the concession stand by their allowable workers.  Credits earned can be used against the total team expenses as billed by your team for the season.  Credits can only be used within the immediate family and cannot be transferred to other individuals.  You may work up to 66.50 hours per calendar year (running December 1 through November 30) without being taxed on your earnings.  If you work more than 66.50 hours, then you may either donate those "extra"/additional hours to your association or receive a 1099 for your earnings.  You, meaning any &/or all members of your family that exceed the 66.50 hour ceiling, are responsible for the taxes assessed --- BAHA does not reimburse, cover, or release you from your tax obligation.  Each association will determine independently, how and when they will distribute credits to their members.  There is no set minimum of the hourly credit and the amount can changed at the discretion of the BAHA board.  For legal and taxation purposes, anyone who works in the BIG Concession Stand is considered a contract worker.   As of December 1, 2011, the credit is $9.00 per hour.
Other:  Children are NOT ALLOWED in the concession stands.  This is a Bloomington Health Department requirement/rule.  Please do not bring your children with you for your shifts.  Workers must concentrate on customer service during their shifts and please limit conversations with friends.  In addition, we ask that cell phones are used with discretion and do not interfere with work at the concession stand.
Benefits: For legal and taxation purposes, anyone who works in the BIG Concession Stand is considered an "independent contractor". Therefore, there's no paid time off offered or available to BIG Concessions workers, nor is there any health, medical, dental, or other benefits or insurance offered or available to these workers.
No Show and Late Policy:  any person signing up for a shift but does not show up for the shift will not receive any credit for that shift, plus will be docked the potential credit for that shift (no less than four hours).  On the second violation you will not be allowed to sign up for shifts for the balance of the season.  If you are more than five minutes late three times, you will be docked one hour of time and only receive credit for the actual time on duty.  On the fourth violation you will not be allowed to sign up for shifts for the next month.  The late policy does not apply if you call in a timely manner when you are going to be late.  You must call the concession stand and speak to the opener at 952-830-0067.
Remeber - everyone is busy.  We all have other activities, hockey games, places to be.  Please be on time and show up for your shift!


 However, in addition to earning credits toward your child’s hockey bill, working in the concession stand allows you to meet other parents in the hockey community, while helping to raise funds for both the Kennedy and Jefferson hockey programs and the Girls Programs.  Everyone in the association benefits from a successful concession stand, whether you work in the stand or not.